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Self assessment- worst enemy Its inseparable from us.<<>> if any of you feel depressed please please talk to me , i will listen. All of you are beautiful and i dont want you to feel this way about yourself- for real :messege me guys❤

If Each Of Your Ribs Are Visible:    You're a human being, not a cockroach. This means you have an endoskeleton, not an exoskeleton. In other words, we're not supposed to know what every nook and cranny of your ribcage looks like.     Nor do we want to. It's scary. It's horrifying, really. If you look like the model in that top photo, your body has serious, serious issues it would like to discuss with you.

When we have a look at the food diary of a fashion model, we see why they are so skinny and how the industry perpetuates this unhealthy eating culture.

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I wanna be like her

I don't promote anything and I wouldn't encourage anyone to have an eating disorder but if you need support I'm here for you😊