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it's our song, guys >>> BOKU HETALIA>>> It's not just a fandom... It's family.

it's our song, guys >>> bOKU HETALIA<<<< I'm so sorry normal people, but yes!

hetalia life of a hetalia fangirl. Haha I never thought if that and that I'm German, Italian, Russian and Mexican

hetalia life of a hetalia fangirl<------- ha! Try being German Welsh Scottish Irish and Finish <<< French-Canadian, German, Irish, Italian ancestry.

Hetalia where it shouldn't be

Norway, I appreciate the fact that you want Denmark to die, but he's a jerk. You should at least put the latter up for Iceland. << Yeah, Iceland is your bro.

Prussia's awesome. Haha

Ok, so I started to watch this but then it paused for a moment to load, and I was like aww cute but when it stopped the piano was shaking. I stopped and looked at it closed and was just like,"I bet prussia pops out of there", and then he did!