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Iphone, Instagram, Dark Wallpaper, Cool Wallpaper, Love Wallpaper
a red and white abstract painting with lines on the bottom half of it, in front of a beige background
Natalia Bondarenko 80x120 acrilico, tecnica mista su tela 2016
black and white drawing of houses on the water
a drawing of a lighthouse on the beach
an artist's palette with paint and brushes on it, in the process of painting
In Conversation With Artist Ben Jamie
Ben has been a practicing artist since graduating with a BA at University of Gloucestershire in 2002, but it wasn’t until he enrolled on the Turps Art School between 2014 – 16 that he developed the distinctive style he’s now known for. Turps is an alternate Art School based in South London with peer lead tuition from leading contemporary painters. It has a strong record of producing artists who go on to make an impact within the London and the wider art world.
an orange and black abstract design on a dark background
IPhone Wallpaper 2022
Resolution: 2568x5556
a blue and white painting hanging on the wall
Jonathan Todryk
Jonathan Todryk
an abstract painting with red and blue colors
Fabienne Verdier: Vortex
an abstract painting with red paint splattered on the blue paper and black background
upper 2/3 , grove Baltic, vertical gauze strips under blue area, fade to black vignette at perimeter
Agra, Cover Design, Polska, Typography Art, Poster, Design Goals
an image of starry night over the ocean with people walking on the beach by the water
a painting of birds flying over the ocean with mountains in the backgroung
an orange and black vase with the words comme des garcos on it