Water colour paintings

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a drawing of a blue circle surrounded by flowers
three different pictures of flowers and the words create are shown on top of each other
Get inspired to make beautiful mixed media index cards with our free tutorial!
Want to learn a new technique for your art journaling projects? My latest blog post has got you covered! I'm sharing a free video tutorial on how to make mixed media index cards with stencil texture, stamps and collage fodder. Learn how to create a grungy layered background with acrylic inks and combine it with handmade collage fodder for a truly unique look.
an open book on a wooden table with a drawing in the middle and colorful designs
Instagram video by Louise Browning • Feb 20, 2024 at 11:55 PM
watercolors are being used to create an art project
two handmade greeting cards with watercolor clouds and rainbows on them, one being held in front of the other
Autumn 🍂 inspired abstract artwork
Autumn 🍂 inspired abstract artwork by natanazarian. #autumnart #autumnpainting #abstractpainting #abstractart
a watercolor drawing of a cloud with rain coming out of it's sides
Soulful Spiral Abstract Watercolor Painting
“In the garden of hope and possibility” ©Brenda Mangalore Watercolour on Canson Heritage Cotton paper — This spiral somehow slipped through the cracks and laid forgotten for months. It was left behind in the shuffle of the many projects I was juggling. . . However she laid patiently in her proud elegance & beauty. — May she remind you that quiet treasures are waiting for you, hope is always around the corner.
How to create a beautiful architectural rendering of a floor plan.
Interior designer, artist and architect Yana Hrachova demonstrates how to apply watercolour washes to the walls and floors of your drawing and how to use fineliners to add details to furniture and decor. Click to access the guide and learn more about the techniques and materials.
someone is drawing leaves on a piece of paper that says, my form of meditation
Tiffany Sharpe on Instagram: "Loose watercolor shapes with doodles…I could do this all day, and maybe I will! 😁 #artjournal #artjournaling #watercolor #watercolorbotanicals #watercolorleaves #inkandwash #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #doodling #whitegelpen"
a person holding up an open book with watercolors on it
Boccaccini Meadows