More ideas from shamun You are the one that stepped out of my dreams Gave me new hope showed me what love means. For you alone are my reason to live, for the compassion you show and the care that you give. You came into my life and made me complete. Each time I see you my heart skips a beat, for you define beauty In both body and mind. Your soft, gentle face more beauty I'll ne'er find. For you are the one god sent from above the angel I needed, for whom I do love. (Chris Messick)

NSFW: No one under 18 years old. Sofisticated yet rough, confident but not cocky, extremely sexual but not imoral. burning desire not objectification. A true gentleman must rule the art of being kind without giving up the nature of his male.

Oh it's you hmmm lovely bite my girl .I love your mark! Nw dats wt I call passionate love♥♥♥♥♥


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