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the bubble bite logo is shown in three different colors and styles, including blue, purple,
Business Brand Identity | Fun, Refreshing Branding for Bubble Tea Brand ♡.ᐟ
Fun, refreshing brand identity design for a bubble tea brand. Branding package includes full logo suite, color palette, typography pairing, brand pattern, mockup presentation, and packaging design.
an orange and white advertisement with some cartoon characters on it's back side,
Fry Sauce Branding Design by Abby Leighton
six frisbees with different designs on them sitting in the grass
Bluebelle identity
Bluebelle identity on Behance
a bunch of different vegetables on a white background
the logo for mood magazine is shown in three different colors, including orange, yellow and blue
Identidade Visual Alegre e Colorida
the food cycle kitchen logo and packaging design
Food Cycle Kitchen Brand Identity Development
ecada creative has created a brand identity with a refreshing appearance, employing a natural color palette that resonates with eco-friendly F&B enterprises.
the logo for purentite is shown in green and orange colors, including an orange circle
Identidade visual | comida saudável
A purevite é uma marca de comida saudável que desenvolvemos a identidade visual de forma divertidade e diferente, com cores que transmitem uma vibe confiável mas deliciosa ao mesmo tempo. logotipo, logomarca, logotype, marca, branding, redesign, identidade visual, comida saudável, nutrição, receitas, gastronomia.
Packaging Design For YEP Juice Drink Brand - Devi Priyandari
I designed packaging for a brand that makes and distributes healthy and delicious juice. YEP Juice. Would you like to see the brand identity from this website design? Just click the link. #graphic #design #ideas #label #bottle
two business cards sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with an apple and orange
New project of this week: WILD MANGO 🥭 - Your go-to fresh juice bar serving up refreshing juices and smoothies. (Part 2/3) Brief presented by #briefhaus #bhwildmango #brandingdesign #brandingdesigner #juicebrand #juicebranding #brandidentity #branding
Corporate identity design - Grocery - Wanderer Graphic #brandidentity #graphic 💯 Ale, Branding Shop
Corporate identity design - Grocery - Wanderer Graphic 424 delivery
Corporate identity design - Grocery - Wanderer Graphic #brandidentity #graphic 💯
an image of various vegetables that are drawn in black on a white background, including carrots and broccoli
NutriGood | Wellness Expert & Nutritionist Brand Identity Pattern Design | It's Victoria Stefania
Pattern design for NutriGood - Wellness expert & nutritionist in dark green with a beige background.
various blue and green drawings of people in different positions, with one person sitting on the ground