Shadow Eyed Nathalie

Shadow Eyed Nathalie

I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim
Shadow Eyed Nathalie
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larry manips are what i live for srsly - ms. n

yourssincerelylarry-deactivated: “ + Kiss Me There, And There, And There ”


In a manip mood😀

Some people think this is adorable but what you don't know is actually Niall is crying. A fan screamed at him that they wanted him to drop out of the band and they hated him. This ticks me off.

This is Niall crying because a person at the concert yelled at him, right before his solo, saying that he wasn't as talented as the others and shouldn't be in one direction. Can we shoot this person?

Ziall Horlik, pretty, beautiful, love,one Direction, real love

ziall storlik sounds like something that someone does to you like a wet willy or something 😂 -n