Szczepan Grzebinoga

Szczepan Grzebinoga

Szczepan Grzebinoga
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Homemade Hammock stands!                                                                                                                                                     More

Summer is a time for some relaxation and what better way to experience it than with a hammock. These DIY hammock designs are easy to set up and some can ev

DIY hammock stand

After a summer of taking my little portec hammock on canoeing and camping trips, I decided that I wanted to be able to enjoy the hammock in the winter too!


Kitchen garden inspiration - build an Amish cold frame. I love this clever design. No plans available (our Amish friends didn't even use plans to build our sheep barn), but there are 10 photos in this post showing construction details.

Building a Living Fence. I want to do this so bad. I have yet to have good luck with my berry plants out here, but no problem growing siberian elms. So I wonder if those will make a great fence too.

Building a Living Fence: Osage orange trees (Maclura pomifera), also called hedge apple or horse apple. For an incredibly tough, enduring windbreak that’s a major player in a local ecology, probably nothing surpasses Osage orange.