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Tomasz Świderek
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Smartfonowy detox Więcej:

of smartphone users are suffering from NoMoPhobia (fear of losing their smartphone)

O muzyczce

This infographic from Citrix ByteMobile offers a glimpse into how the growing preference of music streaming services is contributing to music sales and growing the “mobile data crunch.

Studenci w UK i smartfony

Educational infographic & Data Smartphone – a student’s best companion (infographic) Image Description of UK students use smartphones to access academi

O używaniu komórki (jest PL)

Mobile Phone Usage Across the World Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Technology category. Check out Mobile Phone Usage Across the World now!

(Po)Wolnych stron nie oglądamy

OPINION: dotMobi: Mobile web users have a need; the need for speed