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Tomasz Świderek
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Duże M&A w IT

Marketing Strategy - Top Acquisitions of the Biggest Tech Companies [Infographic] : MarketingProfs Article

O muzyczce

This infographic from Citrix ByteMobile offers a glimpse into how the growing preference of music streaming services is contributing to music sales and growing the “mobile data crunch.

Studenci w UK i smartfony

Educational infographic & Data Educational : Smartphone a students best companion (infographic). Image Description Educational : Smartphone a students be

(Po)Wolnych stron nie oglądamy

OPINION: dotMobi: Mobile web users have a need; the need for speed

Od zera do milionera, czyli od zalążku do giełdy

Infographic – How Startup Funding Works. This infographic shows how startup funding works from angel round to IPO, and how entrepreneurs normally split the pie with investors.

Strzał w stopę. W 2011 wypłacili DT 6,8 mld pln dywidendy. Była też dywidenda za 2012...

Po ile każdy Polak złożył się na Play?

O VDSL Vectoring by Alcatel-Lucent

Get to fast, faster: turbocharge your copper with vectoring for Alcatel Lucent