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wlwboomboom: “ Remy LeBeau in Excalibur (2019) #7 “Y’all keep sending me on errands for him without telling me, and I’mma make a real mess of it one of these days. Promise. ” ”

Catbat's Artings

My piece for @giantsizezine! I got to draw Gambit, who is one of my all time fave X-men, so I had a LOT of fun! (It helps that he is the king of sparkly, glowing fuchsia- LOL.) I grew up watching the...

Marvel XP: Dossiers/Gambit

Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters Student Record: Gambit Given Name: Rémy Etienne LeBeau Gender: Male Nation of Origin: USA Enrolled: Fourth Class Grade Point Average (GPA): N/A Danger Room Median Success Rate (DRMSR): 9.45 Active Mutations: Gambit has the ability to convert the potential energy stored in an object into kinetic energy. Once “charged,” the object will then shortly explode. Because the amount of time it takes to charge an object is commiserate to the size of said object…

Gambit by Ken Lashley

/r/ImaginaryMutants - The art of the X-Men and all mutants from their universe.

cajun fun by Peter-v-Nguyen on DeviantArt

gambit . list is open cajun fun

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“Which should I color next? Magik by Jorge Molina Strange by Pepe Larraz Gambit by Jim Lee”


GAMBIT #3 Written by John Layman Penciled by Georges Jeanty Cover by Greg Land “House of Cards” Part 3 (of 6) The time has arrived for the Big Heist — and Gambit’s never been more ready! What he doesn’t know is that he’s not the only one who’s got his eye on the prize!. Comic Art Community GALLERY OF COMIC ART

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clay-mann: “ Gambit sketch #gambit #marvel #marvelcomics #xmen #claymann #remylebeau ” *

gambit rogue RH by RossHughes on DeviantArt

Pencils by Barry Kitson Inks by Mostafa Moussa Colors by me gambit rogue RH