Clothing Patterns

Lots of free clothing patterns, including simple and easy projects for beginners to sew. Get sewing tutorials for how to make your own unique & trendy, diy fashion designs, including dresses for women (easy summer dresses, long maxi dresses, vintage and retro dresses); fashion accessories such as fabric scarves, hats, caps, and belts; simple jackets, ponchos, and capes; tops (shirts, t-shirts, and blouses), short and long skirts, plus dresses for girls, and baby & toddler clothes.
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14 FREE Tiered Dress Patterns for Women Tiered Ruffle Dress Pattern, Maxi Dress Patterns, Tiered Dress Pattern, Ruffled Dress Pattern, Quick Diy Gifts, Maxi Dress Pattern Sewing
14 FREE Tiered Dress Patterns for Women
14 FREE Tiered Dress Patterns for Women
the 6 free sheath dress patterns for women
6 FREE Sheath Dress Patterns for Women
Free Sheath Dress Patterns
the 8 free pinafore dress patterns for women
8 FREE Pinafore Dress Patterns for Women
Free Pinafore Dress Patterns for Women
girls sundress patterns with text overlay that reads 16 free girls sundress patterns
16 Free Sundress Patterns for Girls
Free Girls' Sundress Patterns
twelve free capen dress patterns with text overlay
12 FREE Caftan Patterns for Women
Free Caftan Dress Patterns for Women
the top ten free poncho patterns for sewing
Free Poncho Patterns to Sew
Over 30 free poncho sewing patterns, tutorials, and diy projects. Sew fabric ponchos for women and kids, including several hooded styles. Great easy sewing project for the beginner.
17 free vintage dress patterns to sew
Free Vintage Dress Patterns for Women
Vintage Dress Patterns. Sew a vintage or retro dress with the help of this collection of over a dozen free sewing patterns, projects, and tutorials for vintage dresses (for women), inspired by the fashions of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.
many pictures of shawls and wraps with text overlay that reads 15 + free shawl & wrap patterns
Free Wrap & Shawl Patterns to Sew
Fabric shawl & wrap sewing patterns & tutorials. Easy sewing project great for cooler spring & fall weather.
many different scarves are shown with the words 30 free fabric scarf patterns on them
Free Fabric Scarf Patterns
Scarf Sewing Projects. Over thirty free fabric scarf patterns, sewing tutorials, and diy projects, including infinity scarf styles. An easy sewing project for beginners. Instructions for how to make a fabric scarf.