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NA Miata with Autokonexion Fastback from s0verybored211 on

Mark Luna's B18C5 Honda Civic EG hatch (EG4 / EG6 SiR) via Sunny Side Up Honda EG on

Staying true to your roots is something very important but at the same time equally hard to do. When it comes to cars, the lure of modern machinery, new technology and the ever-increasing levels of performance is very difficult to resist. But for the guys at Osaka JDM this is more like a way of …

88 EF, B20 VTEC 190whp, Enkei RPF1 15x7

1995 Honda Civic SI Hatchback Upgrade the interior of your #Civic or #Accord with a #CustomDashKit

CRX Si first manual car I learned to drive while in HS <3