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white painted brick - black frame windows

Exterior Color Change: Lower different than penthouse area? Georgetown townhouse curb appeal with painted white brick + black trim

witchsquid: i think i’ve been here (Like neely o'hara)

Picture of the Como conservatory that went viral -- witchsquid: i think i’ve been here (Like neely o'hara)


Need to up your bedroom’s pizzazz? An accent wall is the feature for you. Whether you’re using slats to form a tropical rainforest, oscillating colors to cr

Reichstag, New German Parliament Berlin by Norman Foster

Reichstag dome by Foster Partners is an overused example of a building functioning with the environment. Free lighting, blinds to control gains, not to mention the beautiful structure that results.

Great Buildings Image - The Reichstag/Foster and partners

An architectural image of The Reichstag in the Great Buildings Online.