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a small wooden structure with stairs leading up to it's roof and the door open
A Cornish Hideout | Kudhva — Ramble Co.
A Cornish Hideout | Kudhva — Ramble Guides
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
Let’s talk about green colour schemes for the perfect green living room
a wooden table topped with a laptop computer next to a potted plant on top of it
Farrow & Ball Calke Green
A traditional sage green This rich and traditional green is a cleaned version of a colour originally found in the breakfast room at Calke Abbey. It is best used either on its own on both walls and woodwork, or with a darker neutral like Old White to enhance its deep sage notes. It is particularly suitable for smaller rooms and studies due to its dark and masculine feel. Recommended Primer & Undercoat: Dark Tones Complementary white: Slipper Satin
a room with green walls and white doors
Nneka 🇳🇬 on Twitter
Nneka 🇳🇬 on Twitter: "Just discovering color blocking walls and! Love!… "
a living room with green walls and white flooring is pictured in this image, there are plants on the wall
weekend at home: seeing green | designlovefest
a living room filled with furniture and lots of plants
Plantevæg: Sådan laver du selv en smuk væg af planter
1. Planlæg din plantevæg