vintage trunk/table

An old trunk turned into an awesome bar! What a great DIY idea :). Love this design of the ole' trunk bar. a few things I would change for me would be lamp style and mirror.

Vintage fans.

Collection of vintage desk fans. We actually own one very similar to the smallest (the white one) fan.


Set up a small area in your guest room purely as an aesthetic. Vintage desk lamp with a beautiful antique Underwood Typewriter. WE HAVE a vintage looking little desk. we have a typewriter like this!


I already have some pretty funky scales but these are pretty darn amazing and would take pride of place somewhere in my kitchen if they were mine.

vintage letters

I think these letter 'R's link to my key concept of rough. The typography is in capitals but different sizes. The typography is textured and has a rough/rustic feel to it.

Wooden heart

Birch Heart - These lovely layers of love heart bark, hung with natural jute string, have an instantly softening effect.