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Marta Ścibiorek

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Marta Ścibiorek
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5 stages of teething this is so funny!!!

The 5 stages of Teething - An illustrated guide. This is kind of funny. & I'm happy to say that Katie was awesome with teething. Incase you haven't noticed the million times I've said it-she had 12 teeth by the time she was

Is your baby not herself? Is she irritable, whiny, and just plain unhappy? It could all be due to teething pain and you don't know it. Here is a list of teething products that will help you soothe your little one. One of them isn't very well known and extremely effective.

Is your baby irritable and unhappy due to teething? Check out my article Products That Will Help You Soothe Your Teething Baby" for some quick solutions. Teething Teething Remedies Teething Remedies for Babies Baby is irritable and unhappy P

teething toddler

Soothe a Teething Toddler (without Ibuprofen), natural remedies, at home, babies, parenting

$9.95 Sensory necklaces for girls, safe beaded necklaces and non toxic play jewelry!

GUMMY teething necklace - Toddler teething necklace - Fiddle necklace - Chew necklace for kids - Sensory necklace - Chewelry for girls

How much food should my baby eat? Infographic

What is the correct amount of food i should be giving my baby? That is a common question to all parents, especially first-time ones. The first thing to ack