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a man making the peace sign with his hand in front of an electric tower and i love paris written on it
I'm in love - Funny
a pickle in a jar with the words skisem above it
a cartoon girl with a tiara on her head and the words jezzice slowo
a black and white drawing of a sticker with the words nie boty
an image of a mushroom with the caption'ty jane borowuk '
there is a street sign with the word pogiboto on it in front of a black background
Chyba Cię Pogibło
a woman holding a baby on top of a wooden table next to a cell phone
a man holding a red heart in front of his face
a cartoon character holding a sign with hearts on it
a box of yogurt with the words do jestes moze masem?
a red strawberry with the words to jest jabiko on it's side