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a table topped with two buckets of popcorn and strawberries on top of it
a plate topped with toast next to a bowl of cucumbers and a cup of rice
rice, avocado and chicken on a white plate
two pastries with blueberries and cream on a white plate next to a window
a plate with a sandwich and bowl of soup on it, sitting next to each other
several croissants with ham and cheese in a white box on a table
a person holding a glass bowl filled with vegetables and garnishes on top of it
a white plate topped with pasta and chicken covered in gravy on top of a wooden table
an egg, avocado, tomatoes and lettuce on a white plate
a plate with eggs, avocado and sausage next to a bowl of yogurt
Healthy meal inspo / Whole Foods
Eggs, avocado , chicken sausage, yogurt, and bluberries - HEB