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Bieszczady Mountains

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A mountain range in the Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian borderland. The most characteristic element of the region’s landscape are mountain pastures – vast grassy areas above the upper tree line which change their colour depending on the season: from white in winter to green in spring and summer to red and orange in autumn. The pace of life in the villages in Bieszczady is different – slower. It allows the visitors to truly relax.

Winter road in the Bieszczady Mountains #Poland

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Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Park Krajobrazowy

Duszatynskie Lakes in the Bieszczady Mountains #Poland.

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Bieszczady Mountains, Poland.

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bieszczady mountains, poland. / fot. czado

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Bieszczady Poland Beautiful place Recommend to visit

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Old Jewish cemetery in the Bieszczady Mountains #Poland

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Brzegi Górne

Early morning in the Bieszczady Mountains #Poland

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Woodless ridges of the Bieszczady Mountains. #bieszczad #poland

Jezioro Solińskie

Solina Lake among Bieszczady Mountains, Poland

Swamps in the Bieszczady Mountains in #Poland.