Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar by Psithyrus

Two inquisitive baby northern saw whet owl chicks are pondering whether a colorful spiny caterpillar would make a good snack. Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar

Souls / by Le Anh Tuan

STS Step The title " In the Time of the Butterflies" relates to the story because it is talking about in the time that the Mirabal sisters lived throughout the whole book and their impact.

Mountain mahogany seeds. Waiting to fly by speech path girl, via Flickr

Nature's Fractals Mountain mahogany seeds waiting to fly to their new home ~ just like every one of our thoughts enter into the world and lie waiting to be born. Think thoughts as beautiful as mahogany seeds.

Beautiful Sunrise Photo by Saefull Regina — National Geographic Your Shot

Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden When water glistens with light; healthy life is unfolding, changing, evolving. photo credit: Saefull Regina from Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia Fibonacci sequence.

Spiderwebs on misty mornings are among the most beautiful things in nature. Too bad they're made by spiders, one of the most terrifying things in nature.