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a circular pool surrounded by trees and bushes at night with stairs leading up to it
an indoor jacuzzi tub in the middle of a room with plants and potted palm trees
an indoor hot tub is lit up with purple lights and water in the middle of it
a living room filled with white couches and a round hot tub in the center
a living room filled with purple couches next to a spiral stair case and chandelier
Purple Purple Everywhere
an indoor jacuzzi is lit up with pink lights and palm trees in the background
1980s Miami Vice / Vice City hot tub interior 🫧🩷🌴 • • • • (AI images — MJ 6) #80sinterior #1980sinterior #80saesthetic #1980s #80svibes #80snostalgia #80sdecor #80s #vintage #interiordesign #homedecor #luxuryhomes
a pink bathroom with a heart shaped mirror above the bathtub and lights on the walls
an indoor swimming pool in a pink and white house with palm trees on the other side