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Repair of a vintage Sharp VHS player

DIY Nixie Tube Chess Set

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We're all about stuff that uses old school tubes in its design, which is why we fell in love when we found the Nixie Watch from Cathode Corner ($400). It uses two nixie tubes — neon display tubes once used in calculators — to display the hours, minutes, and seconds in order through the flicking of the wrist. Plus, it is easily serviceable since the top comes off, and it is even possible modify the watch's programming through the downloadable source code.

Stick-Anywhere Digital Clock

ACIDBOX - Polivoks VCF desktop version


Museum of Soviet Synthesizers: Altaiir 231 monophonic synth

A Soviet-era analog synth, the Поливокс (or Polivoks). Still knocking around on eBay, apparently. VI Lenin was a fan of the Theremin, y'know - he thought it "the people's instrument" (инструмента народа). Nutter.