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Kagehina || Hinata x Tobio

Don't make fun of him he hAS A WEAPON (;) A small Kagehina gif that took longer than expected to make XD frames*cough* I used Clip Studio to draw the frames and Photoshop to animate! ❤️Please ONLY repost with CREDIT.

AhgO7P.gif (550×515)

AhgO7P.gif (550×515)

LOL it happens to everyone

keke totally true~ if i were in Chanyeol's position i would be thinking "OMO what should i do?" kekeke then my friends will look at me like how Kai & Sehun looks like keke

The other day I was sitting at the table with my family, and I was talking about Kris, and my 6 year old sister says,"It's not like he knows you. He doesn't even know you exist." This was last week. I'm still crying.

My sister tells me this all the time.I smack her and then proceed to cry in my lonely sorrow~~~~