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two mason jar candles with rosemary in them and the words rosemary written on each candle
Evergreen Pressed Rosemary Candles {How to Make Herbal Candles}
a sign that says why grow sage this holiday season
Why grow sage this holiday season
sage is a perennial herb that will survive all-year-round both indoors and out in the harshest of climates. It also makes a great addition to holiday decorating and cooking with a side-benefit of reducing stress! Read about how to grow this amazing and festive evergreen herb.
the words grow rosemary for holiday are shown in three different pictures, including an ornament
Grow rosemary for holiday decor
With rosemary's floral smell and rustic look this evergreen herb is perfect for holiday decorating. Click here to find out exactly what you need to grow rosemary that will impress this holiday season.
an orange cut in half with cinnamons and star anise next to it on a wooden table
16 Christmas Herbs for the Perfect Seasonal Scent
Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I love when my house is filled with the scent of Christmas herbs. Not all herbs smell like Christmas. Some scents remind you of the holidays, and as the temperatures dip lower outside, you want your house to feel cozy with these Christmas herbs.
10 Best Christmas Decor Ideas
Transform your home into a winter wonderland with these DIY Christmas decor ideas. Embrace the spirit of the season by crafting heartwarming Christmas decorations that reflect your unique style, from rustic farmhouse charm to modern minimalist elegance. Unleash your creativity with a plethora of DIY Christmas tree adornments. Delight in the process of crafting seasonal Christmas ornaments and immerse yourself in the art of DIY Christmas wreath ideas, porch signs, and enchanting displays.
16 Christmas Herbs for Scented Homes
'Tis the season for your home to smell deliciously like Christmas. Whether you want to make your own Christmas candles or make a Christmas simmering pot, these are the Christmas herbs you need to have on hand.
5 simple ideas to deck the halls with Christmas trees in 2023
Your festive home isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. Dive into our Christmas tree decor ideas to seamlessly infuse a holiday vibe into every corner of your home, from indoors to outdoors. Don’t forget to check out our woven plant baskets to add some rustic look to your Christmas tree. Explore now! #arterahome #christmastree
80+ Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas
homemade rosemary salt in a jar on a table
Rosemary salt
Rosemary salt is an easy way to turn your freshly harvested rosemary into a small jar full of flavor and aroma that highlights any dish.
christmas crafts made from recycled materials including cards, tags and other holiday decorating items
Holiday Simmer Pot in a Jar
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Mason jar • Evergreen branch • Cinnamon sticks • Dried citrus • Rosemary • Dried cranberries