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Spanish Knot Bracelet (also known as Snake Weave) The Spanish Knot has become the go-to knot for all things fashionable at Bead World. Karen learned this knot on the beaches of Spain (hence the name) and we’ve been tying leather…Read more ›

Bracelet, Neiman Markus Nakamol leather wrap bracelet. -Approx. 35"L x 1/4"W (single strand). -Gunmetal and golden center beads. -Knotted design between beading. -Wraps around wrist five times. -Silver plated brass button closure.

Leather Cuff Bracelet With Beaded Flowers And Leaves by SpinPlanet

White mix wrap bracelet Boho bracelet Bohemian by G2Fdesign

Kit de 5 pulseiras, confeccionadas em macramé com cordão encerado na cor lilás, sendo: - 1 pulseira com coração de strass lilás - 1 pulseira com pedra natural ágata lilás de 6 mm e rondelas de strass - 1 pulseira de corrente de strass em banho dourado - 1 pulseira contendo 1 bola de strass de...

Blue Silver Beaded Leather Cuff Wrap Bracelet by BarbSmithDesigns

Adorable Wire Wrapped Silver Fairy Pendant Necklace

The Biker Babe Channel your inner motorcycle mama with black leather and chains! This unique beaded bracelet was designed with a center row of double Wheat Chain in antique silver and four rows of jet black and silver-lined beads, each hand-stitched on Black Indian Leather Cord. The closure is a double beaded button loop surrounding a 7/8 antique silver rose button. The finished size is 6 1/2. A good cuff-style fit would be for a 6 1/4 wrist.

3 Row Leather Blue Boho Cuff Bracelet with by BohoJewelryBoutique

Black Leather Beaded Cuff Bracelet 3-Row The by BarbSmithDesigns