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Providence et Vikings

Hayden with longer hair (end of book Practice brush strokes by aenaluck human archer ranger bow arrow armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Otherworld Realms : Photo

of-wildness-and-dreams: “ Looks like high fae Feyre to me (Half-elf archer Vex’ahlia fanart by find the original post here) ”

RPG Female Character Portraits

Dressed in her long scarf to protect herself from the heat and the whirling sand Zeldana Shaheedy, courier from Duron, looks out over the dunes of the Dragon desert.

My character again, I really missed him, and I like draw him with his hair like this because he looks more vampiric and mature (?) xD Just a quick painting I did for a test in Photoshop Ohhh I also...

Empty Heart by Zeilyan dark elf drow vampire prince king nobility royalty sorcerer wizard warlock armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc