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the inside of a cathedral with water running through it
A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church [640x959]
A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church [640x959]
a woman sitting on the side of a road next to a sign
Simply Magdorable
an old poster with a boat in the water
"La Corse - Ile de Beauté," 1935
an old village surrounded by mountains and clouds in the distance with trees on either side
Corsica, France - Bonifacio's Old Town, with a labyrinth of narrow streets & historic buildings, is a fascinating place to wander around. Founded in 828 AD by Count Bonifacio of Tuscany, it's natural harbour boasts a busy marina filled with impressive yachts & lined with chic bars, restaurants & hotels enhancing the vibrancy of this fashionable coastal resort. Bonifacio is also close to several idyllic, unspoiled Corsican beaches as well as staggeringly beautiful mountains
an ocean view with houses on the cliff and clear blue water in the foreground
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Bonifacio, Corsica
people are swimming in the clear blue water near some rocks and trees on the beach
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Sebenarnya di Indonesia banyak, cuma pas nemu foto ini jadi pengen juga.. Sardinia beach @ Corsica
an image of a heart shaped hole in the side of a tree with water behind it
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Corsica, France. Heart of the Sea. Click by beautiful girl. Heart of Calanches de Piana.