Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Sanrajs
You're a smooth-ie operator. #greatist
I like the old ladder & flag-(not candle or sunflower)
Click to see more photos of this lush and lovely potted garden on DIY ladder shelving! |
By far one of my favorite tress! It is soo gorgeous and magical! Its elegance welcomes the holiday spirit! Click for details
Rustic Romance: burlap bows for christmas tree garland. Link is for Etsy shop, but this looks pretty easy to recreate with Burlap ribbon!
Add a statement piece to your Christmas tree for an emphasized, stylish touch. Put a large ribbon garland that makes the whole tree look like a gift, not just the presents underneath it.
Elegant Transparent Ornaments
Creator calls it Simply Klassic Home: Non Traditional Advent Candles    I say do this for around the home for any time of the year. The Epsom salts create a beautiful feel and if you wanted to make it more rustic you could always add some lace doilies. This is so pretty!
Make a pearl filled ornament in 3 quick and easy steps! First, gather your supplies. Open your clear ornament and fill it with loose pearls. Replace the top of the ornament and tie on ribbon to match your tree. For more holiday ideas and inspiration, visit
Simple Stenciled Holiday Panel