Sandra Patrycja

Sandra Patrycja

Sandra Patrycja
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3D-Inspired Fashion Shoots

Dalia Ramos 2010 - The 'Dalia Ramos photo series is not the first -- nor will it be the last -- photo shoot inspired by technology. Considering the.

double exposure red and blue photo

Collection of 40 best Photoshop actions 2015 that are created in a way that both Photoshop beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on

Step Into The Quiet World Of Nirav Patel –

“When we stop to really listen and see the world, we can detect the quiet in the chaos,” says Nirav Patel. Intending to bring these quiet moments to life through photography, he creates worlds that are as serene as they are mysterious.


Brooke Didonato illustrates psyche narrations by combining common feelings with incredible visual elements. Born in Ohio, she lives in New York and the eyes of this artist have told unpredictable stories through the camera’s lens.


I want one of the dancers dancing within the fishnet

yard-sales: “ ‘ 0,1,2,3,4 ‘ ‘ Shaun Harris 2015 collection ‘ Clara Giaminardi ph. ”

The graduate collection of Kingston University fashion design alumnus Shaun Harris, is the result of the designer’s in-depth investigation into how to give fashion a fourth dimensional perspective.