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Bom Dia, Amor, Msg, Leonardo
an open mouth with the word sleep on it
a person hiding in some tall grass with the caption so observando
Johnny Depp, Meme, Msgm
a woman with her hand on her face and the words misercionia written in black
a black and white poster with the words sou chata, sou grosssa so
E se precisar me afasto mesmo porquê aturar gente falsa e ser falsa não é comigo....
an animated doll with the words por favorinho on it's forehead
a cartoon girl standing in front of a washing machine with the caption'que dia bona la lavara ropa '
a cartoon drawing of a man sleeping on a chair
an image of a woman holding a knife in her right hand and the caption reads, no brasil na fazem serra medico
a baby is holding his head in front of the words meu pai eterno
an image of cartoon character with caption that reads, o calor dexas pessos mai dispostas e felizes eu no color