Sandra Hetmańska

Sandra Hetmańska

Sandra Hetmańska
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Maxmilián Pirner - Sleepwalker (1878)

Sleepwalker by Maxmilian Pirner This is one of my favourite paintings. I’ve discovered Maxmilian Pirner when I was writting an essay for my art history lecture and I just fell in love with his paintings.

Beatrice Offor, Circe, 1911

Beatrice Offor - Circe, 1911 Circe {minor goddess of magic/sorceress} daughter of sun-god Helios and oceanid Perse

Joni Johnson Godsy Wildlife Art | Society of Animal Artists: May 2010

James Gary Hines II - Nature Photographer - North America Fine Art Images,North Woods Reflections, not Joni Johnson Godsy