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This morning made this thing to hold crap on a slanted drawing table. Because, shit, might as well be organized for the apocalypse.
El pinball o flipper es un juego que muchos recordarán con nostalgia, porque fueron muy populares en las décadas de 1960 y 1970, hoy son parte de las colecciones de juegos de salón. Consiste en una bolita disparada con un resorte, que recorre un tablero con diversos diseños, que al tener contacto con la bola otorga cierto puntaje al jugador.
Come on, who wouldn’t want a personal catapult of their own sitting on their desk? Laser cut wooden parts, fun assembly, and safe ammo are what’s in store with a great learning and discovery Ballista kit. It’s powered by twisted cords, just like the real thing, and fires over 30 feet!
Personalized Phone and Apple Watch Docking Station: A catch-all docking station made to hold your phone and Apple watch as they charge. It can also hold a wallet, keys, glasses, jewelry and more. It’s made from Cherry wood and can be personalized with a name or initials.
Foldable Craft Table
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Naihan Li, Writing Desk, 2014, Gallery ALL
Lawrence Chu's Tuck storage box. The  bamboo box is roughly 5" x 5" x 5" and rings up at 35 dollars at MoMA, making it a popular gift.