12096562_1074453639293618_1697803843784868848_n.jpg (698×465)

12096562_1074453639293618_1697803843784868848_n.jpg (698×465)

10334383_1074453642626951_2647444539699405248_n.jpg (691×465)

Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, better known by the pseudonym Chema Madoz, is a Spanish artist and photographer

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10568997_1074451482627167_5131271597898266743_n.jpg (605×433)

12376321_1074451509293831_4677681894992158392_n.jpg (605×634)

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz has created a stunning minimalist series of optical illusions.

10523761_1074451459293836_2677786480780475058_n.jpg (605×814)

Spanish photographer, Chema Madoz has created a new project with black and white art illusions. The photographer created these images by blending two

1514618_1074451412627174_6268151561711701796_n.jpg (605×592)

Since quite sometime ago Chema Madoz comes up with silver ideas. With his work opens up unexpected spaces, forms of great strength, reaching us all, as it reminds us of something and forces us to unlimited reflexions.

1451424_1074451395960509_4991765236274951627_n.jpg (605×623)

Minimalist Black & White Photography of Optical Illusions by Chema Madoz

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Perfectly Timed Shot – Tree Of Cloud - You are viewing Photo titled Perfectly Timed Shot – Tree Of Cloud By Photographer Chema Madoz. from the Category Amazing Pictures Tags: Nature Perfect Clicks