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Beginner's Junk Journal Tutorial from My Porch Prints | Easy | Pamphlet Stitch | Page Ideas Decorate
Vintage Journal Spread Ideas
Come journal with me and see how i created this vintage journal spread!
Matilda Junk Journal Printable
Chunky Junky
Pockets! Let's make beautiful pockets for your junk journal! My Porch Prints
Easy Hidden Paperclips by My Porch Prints Junk Journal Tutorial
an open planner with donuts, doughnuts and other things on it's pages
Cream & Sugar Collection: Planner Love with Jomelle
an open planner book with pink tassels and pom poms on it
my little twin stars layout for my planner!✨
a bunch of different items that are on top of a white surface with words and flowers