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there is nothing i love more that a pencil or charcoal sketch. i used that as inspiration for my business card. how perfect would this image be hanging as a piece of art?

I chose the picture of the globe because this what we need to realize is at our fingertips. You can visit anywhere and learn about the cultures that represent that area in a matter of seconds. You can converse with someone who is at the farthest point away from yourself in a matter of seconds. With technologies advancements, we have the world at our fingertips.

Paint thicker white outlines than those ones. Using a gold paint marker, write on the globe the quote "if you travel far enough, you'll meet yourself" in big cursive letters.


You know how I said I can turn peoples hearts black and have them turn dark and evil and eventually die? Well, I have figured out that I can still turn their hearts black, but they are just dark and evil.