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LIVE THE MOMENT, DOMINATE THE RIDE No matter what you crave—the full-tilt sprint for the line, epic weekend miles with the crew, barrier-hopping in the wet, or quality track time—the right bike for your ride is waiting for you. Built for any road you put them on, just find a bike, open the throttle on your legs and ride.

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The Venge is a pure-science mind wrapped in a lay-down-the-law body. With a one-two punch of Shiv inspired aerodynamics & Tarmac-borne stiffness, this machine was built to fly. With multiple World Tour victories under its belt, the FACT carbon frame & supreme handling delivers the winning formula of aero, light weight,&stiffness. With a measured 22 watts of free power @ 40km/hr over the Tarmac, it’s tailor-made for serious performers.

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We aren't satisfied with second fastest. Hell, why do you think we have our own Win Tunnel and the motto, Aero is Everything? We live and breathe aero, because we know that aerodynamic optimization is the best thing we can do to make you faster. And this philosophy has never been truer than with the new Venge. Being eight seconds faster than the ViAS, it’s not only the most aerodynamic bike on the road, but it’s also lost 460 grams. This is the new shape of speed.

The all-new Allez is built to explode off the front and deliver unbridled speed to the ride, and all without blowing up your wallet in the process. Featuring our revolutionary D’Aluisio Smartweld™ Technology, the Allez has all the responsiveness and snappiness you need with a new level of compliance you’ve never experienced from aluminum before. Whether it’s weekend rides or lining up for your local races, this bike is ready to take you to the next level in your riding.

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The Allez range shows off the capabilities of aluminium, from Win Tunnel-tuned and ultra-stiff race rockets to fully capable all-rounders that serve as the perfect introduction to road riding. Our engineers have decades of experience with alloy, developing innovative welding and hydroforming techniques that allow them to craft the ideal balance of responsiveness, comfort, and handling.

Ruby Nothing makes this bike happier than going long. With its FACT carbon frame—built with endurance in mind—the Ruby delivers confident handling and a comfortable, fatigue-free ride, making it the perfect choice for Gran Fondos, training rides, or weekend adventures out of town and into the hills. Climbing, going fast, or going the distance, the Ruby responds in a way that inspires confidence, and with her refined aesthetics, she looks good doing it.


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Tarmac With its race-optimised, FACT carbon frame, efficient handling, and increased 19% stiffness-to-weight ratio over the previous Tour de France-winning version, the Tarmac SL4 has plenty of Pro-Tour proven speed up its sleeve. Simply put: nothing is lighter and stiffer. That’s why it’s the go-to choice of the pro peloton. Ride it hard, ride it fast, just wind yourself up and go.

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The Men's Tarmac doesn't do one thing well, it does everything exceptionally—which is why it's been ridden to victory in all three Grand Tours. The new Tarmac's advanced materials and aerodynamic design add a modern edge to the lively character of a classic race bike, while its Rider-First Engineered™ design ensures that the Tarmac sprints, corners, and descends with uniform excellence across every size.

The AMIRA is a no-nonsense thoroughbred—born to race and always quick to react. Its stiff, lightweight SL4 frame cranks up the speed dial for fast accelerations, while the tapered headtube delivers precise steering and handling for carving corners or dominating tricky descents. The Amira is the race bike of choice for Team Specialized-lululemon and played a large role in the team’s 65 victories last season. Whether you’re bridging a gap or creating one, the Amira will fly.

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We're firm believers that speed is a right, not a privilege. And for this reason, we designed the Amira Sport to be a high-performance road machine at a price that's, well, more palatable than what you'll find under our Boels-Dolmans pro squad. This isn't to say that it's lacking in any regard, however, as it features our FACT 9r carbon fibre for the construction and our Women's Competitive Geometry that's lightweight, absurdly stiff and responsive, and compliant and balanced at every point…

Roubaix When called to arms, the classic-winning Roubaix reacts as though simply an extension of mind and body. Pros like Tom Boonen—who rode his Roubaix SL4 to a record equalling 4th Paris-Roubaix victory in 2012—count on its smooth ride and responsive handling to get the job done. With size-specific engineering & a frame that delivers the best balance of vertical compliance, low weight, & torsional stiffness, riders of all sizes can experience the same ride quality & performance as Boonen.

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Every crack, every pothole, every rough patch and bit of chip seal—the off-limits boneshakers to the smoothest homestretches—the Roubaix isn't resigned to a single day in France, it's made for every road, everywhere. And for models with the all-new Future Shock, rides are now even smoother and even faster.

The Shiv is the ultimate Tri weapon, delivering the perfect blend of stealthy power, drag-defying aerodynamics, & tailored fit options. With its FACT carbon frame, & optimised rear wheel airflow, the Shiv ensures you’re cutting through the wind while cranking out huge watts of race-crushing power. The integrated Fuelselage™ hydration system gives easy access to on-the-bike fuel, plus riders of all sizes will be able to dial their fit perfectly thanks to a huge range of available adjustments

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The Shiv is a truly triathlon-specific bike. Not only have the frameset and integrated cockpit been honed in our Win Tunnel, shaping its crosswind-optimised design, but we've also worked to keep the athlete as aero as possible. That's why we created an integrated hydration bladder and hid it in the frame, while also providing built-in storage for food and tools. This way, there's no need to break the aero tuck to drink or eat.

Everything about the Langster says ‘I’m a full-gas force to be reckoned with. Whether racing in the velodrome, or putting in training miles on the road, the Langster’s classic lines & track-shredding frame will put you on a pure speed trajectory. With understated style & multiple alloy frame options—full-build or frameset—the experience-specific geometries & minimalist gearing (with flip-flop hubs on the base model), allow you to focus your energies where it really counts—beating the other…

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Equally ready to skid into your local coffee shop as it is to hit the boards of the velodrome, the Langster is as fun as it is functional. The frame is built out of our A1 Premium Aluminum, which keeps things light and stiff-as-a-board, while the FACT carbon fork reduces road chatter and provides predictable steering response when you need it. The build kit, meanwhile, has no compromises, with stiff, sturdy track wheels, durable tyres, and a 48x17 gearing that's fit for most conditions and…

CruX The Crux is the weapon of choice for that non-stop, lungs screaming, heart exploding, ‘goashardasyoucanfor60minutes’ cross race. With complete ‘cross-dedicated frames (carbon and alloy), in canti and disc, plus race-optimised geometry and tapered Tarmac-style head tube for nimble handling, it’s everything serious racers look for.

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When we set out to design a new 'cross rig, we didn't just want to make another adventure bike with added tire clearance—we knew we had to create a purebred racing steed that was fast, confident, lightweight, and rides like no other 'cross bike out there. And sure, with multiple Cyclocross World Championships to its name, the CruX has more than proven itself in 'cross, but we're proud to say that this CruX takes the legacy to a whole different level. This CruX comes spec'd with a reliable…

2015 Tarmac Rider-First Engineered™

2015 Tarmac Rider-First Engineered™

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