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an image of a bell with feathers hanging from it's side on a yellow background
Bhagvad Geeta, Iskcon Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Quick Saves
an idol with all its parts labeled on it's face and names in different languages
a red and white sign with the word for give on it's bottom corner
Forgiveness is so important in your personal growth. If you hold on to bitterness and resentment, then you will always be just that.. Bitter and resentful. Make a positive change.
a red background with the words keep peace with your purpose be patient when tempestps are short
15 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas - Women Living Well
Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas - Tip#10 Keep peach with your spouse. Be patient when tempers are short. #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #keepChristinCHRISTmas #Jesusisborn
the words om sham no mitrah and shan varnnaah are shown in blue
an image of a quote with the words given him from heaven
Because it's Never Too Late to Find Your Wings: #TheJesusProject
Because it’s Never Too Late to Find Your Wings:
a blue and green floral design with the words tree of life
Free Scripture Printables - Amy's Wandering
Free Scripture Printables | Are We There Yet?