Jarek Sadowski

Jarek Sadowski

Jarek Sadowski
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Wake up! & make it happen workout. #fitness #PinYourResolution #fit2014 #abs #workout #workoutroutine

No-equipment body-weight workout for starting your morning on a high. Infamous Wake Up & Make it Happen workout. Visual guide: print & use.

HR Giger

R Giger inspired painting Im a huge fan of his work, ind his art had a huge influence on me since i laid my eyes upon his work ( alien movies ) I m no.R Giger inspired painting

Le monde où tu vis n'est pas forcement celui qui te convient ,alors pourquoi faut t'il toujours souffrir et donner de son mieux alors que rien ne change . Au lieux de te fatigué a améliorer ce monde crée le tien !

“There is not some pre-destined pathway that you must travel, only the one that you choose.” The realms of space and reality wrap to show the path to salvation.