Movie Stars

I to uczucie nie mieści się w mojej małej torebce.

Time for love

A statement like this ends relationships. You have a loving relationship with a parent or a best friend and neither of them ever know everything about you. There are always untruths and untolds.

Strawberry love

Wow what an amazingly busy weekend it’s been I can’t actually believe it’s Sunday night already~where did that come from. Talk about time flying when your having fun, it’s a…

Love letter

Old action of love messaging. Putting a letter on a bottle. photo and edit: me A bottle with a letter


From Edgar Allen Poe's poem Annabel Lee. So sweet and so sad, but I love this line.

Crazy time

Crazy time


Feel the love in the air in a perfect ambiance under a star-studded moonlit sky with the sound of the ocean and the most beautiful candle light dinner. Chef's Table introduces a romantic dining on another level.


25 Adorable Couples Stunning Photography, I love to click black and white photography it shows the real expressions and a real story of boy and girl.


What's your Favorite thing to Do in the Summer Bet you can't Guess Mine.