ImageChef jest bezpłatnym społecznościowym portalem w którym można wyrazić siebie za pomocą zdjęć, tekstu i nie tylko.

Make Word Mosaic by Image Chef It allows for different shapes, colors, and fonts. It makes a real cool word cloud but may have limited use in the classroom.

Prezi - nielinearne, zoomowe prezentacje multimedialne na wirtualnym płótnie.

Prezi: Presentation tool in which you can create a map or mind map to display content. I had used Prezi previously, but found it even more user friendly now that I have a better grasp on web applets.

2a.Create comics

TonyTool: applicazione web free per creare fumetti e vignette - create and share cartoons, comics and memes online


Hans Christian Andersen i jego baśniowy świat

MAKE COMIX przekonań! Online Educational Comic Generator dla dzieci w każdym wieku

Make a comic website with lesson plans, writing strips, printables, etc. Definitely going to get the computer lab ASAP and let my students practice making up stories! I already had them make comics using vocabulary words, so this is another option.

Nauczyciele są jak ogrodnicy - Sir Ken Robinson

Nauczyciele są jak ogrodnicy - Sir Ken Robinson