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a quilted wall hanging with three butterflies on the front and one butterfly on the back
Sashiko Kit
a piece of cloth that has been embroidered on to the fabric with different colors and patterns
Sashiko Shell Panel 461
several pieces of denim with embroidered designs on them
November 2021 – Designs by Heidi
a blue and white table cloth with small circles on the bottom, in various sizes
section of sashiko stitched throw rug
a blue quilt with white stitching on it
sashiko quilting
a piece of cloth with white stitching on the edges and an outline in the middle
Modern Art - Day 110
Boro, Patrones, Artesanato, Stitch
���� #108 - ������ - Olgallery
a black table cloth with white lines on it and a string in the shape of waves
Цветное шитье.
a blue piece of cloth with white stitchs on it and lines in the shape of an umbrella
Sashiko - Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials
an intricately designed blue cloth with white lines on it
More Quilting Styles – Embroidery, Crazy Quilting, Sashiko - Quilting Gallery
a black and white design on the side of a building with blue skies in the background
Фото 859951614984 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Рукоделие со всего мира в ОК
a pair of blue jeans with white designs on them
Embroidery Patterns Flowers Needlework 54+ Ideas
a blue square with white lines in the middle and a bird on it's back
Lizard – INDIGO Quilt Block – Mimbres Pottery - Tortoise Earring Blog
an image of a circle made up of small cubes in white on black background
Cube Pattern
an image of two seashells in a circle on a blue background with white thread
Designs in Stitches
an image of some kind of artwork that looks like clouds
Sashiko Pre-printed Panel - Wagara Waterfall - Navy (Very Dark-Almost Black)
a close up of a piece of cloth with white stitching on it and circles in the middle
Старые джинсы - новые идеи! — Разное | OK.RU
a man is standing in the grass with his hand on his hip and holding a bag
How to Start Sashiko | A tutorial from Sashiko Artisans - Upcycle Stitches
an embroidered wall hanging with white thread on dark blue fabric, in front of a wooden frame
a purple neck tie with hearts and flowers on it, hanging from the side of a wall
Фото #101 - Сашико - Olgallery
a blue place mat with a teapot and bowl on it
A Threaded Needle
a blue book with white stitching on it
14-10 Rabbit in the Grass - mini
a line drawing of flowers in the grass
Sashiko by Pat
a black and white drawing of leaves
Tulip Pattern
an image of a pattern with hearts on it
Japan Tribute: Sashiko
a blue background with an airplane trail in the sky and a ballon shaped like a flower
Sashiko Patterns - items 12 to 24 D's Quilting Designs - Quilting Patterns, Kits, Sashiko - Dorie Javier