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tall ships

mathilde aubier Ship in a bulb. Egon Schiele, Sailing ships in the waves-exciting water (the harbour of Trieste) - 1907 Art ships!

Tall Ship Larinda, Shelburne, Nova Scotia - Canada

Tall Ship Larinda, Shelburne, Nova Scotia - Canada--It's so perfect. Honestly, why doesn't everyone love Canada?

Gdynia, Pomeranian, Poland

The Dar Pomorza in Gdynia comes with a long history. Built in Germany and lost in the war it became a famous ship in Poland where it is now used as a museum

Yellofin Tuna World Record

The top ten yellowfin tuna sport fishing records. Photos of some of the biggest yellowfin tuna records caught while deep sea fishing.

alligator gar

Learned of fish specie known as Alligator gar today. Saw a mini 1 in fish tank at Thai restaurant. It's a fish with an alligator mouth.