Wood Carving & Sculpture, Bali

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Here is yet another Ebony Visions sculpt. Designed by Thomas Blackshear and sculpted by Mark Newman.

stormnyk: “Nouveau Angel by MarkNewman ” So it looks like that’s the base design! The angel is from a series of figures by artist Thomas Blackshear. He’s an African-American artist who does really.

Blackshear__s_Amazon_by_SculptorTim.jpg 808×989 píxeles

Designer: Thomas Blackshear Client: Lennox Approximately 11 inches. Didn't think I'd post pics of this one, but what the heck.

Fred Zavadil - Wood Carving

Concept Modeling For Easy Clay Sculptures: – Picture : – Description Fred Zavadil – Wood Carving -Read More –