marta rut

marta rut

Warszawa, Poland / paint over hedonism into harmless carpe diem
marta rut
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New research based on modern techniques suggests that recommendations for protein intake in healthy populations may be incorrect.

Beaches beaches beaches

This with all my favorite peeps! Picnic on the beach - Not many things are better than a beach day. Having a picnic on the beach is a fun, relaxing way to soak up some sun with a beautiful ocean view.

madame Veuve Cloqout

parachute ball gown - reminds me of a story Glenda told us last week. She said her dad once brought home a parachute and her mom made underwear out of it for the girls. So bizarre a idea, it should be I a coming of age novel.

a gdzieniegdzie na półkach w MU ..

Vintage Trifles: Potions, Elixers & Mysterious Stuff: Apothecary Must-Haves - good apothecary setup with more than just jars