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40 Extraordinary Line And Wire Sculptures

If you ask us to specify one thing that makes line and wire sculptures so exceptional and extraordinary, then we are sure that we will be at a loss for words.

Collages of Illustrations and Photographs Resulting in Surrealism

Graphic Designer that used her skills to create weird and wonderful surreal worlds. German Artist Catrin Welz-Stein used the knowledge she graduated with, to mesh together vintage photographs and illustrations, for a result that far exceeded the sums of their parts. At first it was something that she did as a hobby, until she discovered social media and was encouraged to share more of her digital art. This gave her the confidence to pursue this path full time. Sit back and allow Welz-Stein…

Fantasia Glass - Fantasia Glass

Fantasia Stained Glass designs and creates stained glass window and door panels, fused panels and runs courses.

ShoalMS1 sculpture by Scabetti

Shoal MS1 is a 5m tall baitball formation sculpture crafted from 3 shades of blue fish, with highlights in white and polished steel. Made by hand in England by the British art and design studio Scabetti, for the interior reception area of this largest vessel in TUI's fleet. New Mein Schiff 1, Marella Explorer.

Circular Fish in Metal Wall Art

Interiors and Lifestyle Products Inspired By Nature. Interior decorating, designs, home decor products and real estate services.

Niko Brown Fused Glass Art | Made in Cornwall & Hertfordshire

Niko Brown produces fused glass designs. Happy, uplifting fused glass to make you smile! Based in Hertfordshire & Cornwall.

A colourful shoal on a boat hill

Jane James is an award winning artist who has become one of the best known ceramic designers in the Channel Islands.

SawJaw Maui Fish 11 Driftwood Fish Recycled Art Beach | Etsy

Aloha!!! Fresh fish alert!!🐠🐠🐠Ok I’m LOVIN’ this new fish and hope you do too!! He’s called SawJaw for obvious reasons but check him out...Take a close look... his bottom jaw is a fabulously rusty saw I found with an antique metal bolt that keeps the saw in line. I’ve added rusty wire to frame his eye and a rusty Kona Brewing bottle cap that has a fabulous patina from the beaches of, wait for it........ Maui!!! Sugar Beach, to be precise. From my last stay there. He’s also got a paint…

Teal and Silver Howzit I'a, Howzit Fish, Driftwood Wall Art, Reclaimed Wood, Blue, pesce, peacado, p

Aloha Fish Fry Fans!!! May I present a teal and silver fish that I’m am super excited to show off!! Hawaiians greet everyone, especially friends and family with a “Howzit?” Meaning “what’s up” or Ce’va..... so this is a friendly fish wanting to come home with you and greet you all 🌈🌈🌈. This fish sports a new color schemes, glossy teals, burgundy, heavy silvers and a hint of coral and I’m especially happy with how the colors came together😊 As with all my fish, he is made from all…

Kihei Surf Fish, Driftwood Art, Reclaimed Wood, Blue, White, Silver, pesce, pescado

Anyone ready for some Aloha??? This is Kihei Surf fish and he’s is bringing in some fresh aloha breezes! Now when I was putting him together, I envisioned him coming up from the depths of the ocean in Kihei to swim in the surf and the turquoise waters there. I think the colors I used really captured this vibe with the periwinkle, turquoise and the light mint colors. 🌊🌊🌊 So this guy is made from reclaimed fence wood that’s been lovingly weathered by Mother Nature. He’s got a fabulous mini…

Old Lahaina Kohola No. 18 Driftwood Wall Art Reclaimed Wood | Etsy

Aloha FishFry fans are you ready for a new whale? Kohola means whale in Hawaiian. This is Old Lahaina Kohola No. 18. For a very long time I have been wanting to do a piece that honors the history of Old Lahaina. Lahaina is where whalers first landed in Hawaii and it became the primary spot for whalers to conduct their trade in the Hawaiian islands. It became the first hub of business with the outer world and the course of history for the Hawaiian people were forever changed. So this whale…

Hibiscus Aloha Flying Fish Driftwood Wall Art Recycled Art | Etsy

Well aloha FishFry fans!!! I am just smitten with this new flying fish that just joined the tidepool!!! How about those happy colors? I hope you get the happy aloha vibe this fish is bringing in!! So I found these new fabulous tin angel wings on Etsy and as soon as they arrived, I got to cutting them up for a flying fish. I wanted a super upbeat color scheme. Let me know if I accomplished that😊 So this fish has some really amazing new features I scored at the thrift store! Please make sure…

Ultra Mini Kanaha Fish Driftwood Art Reclaimed Wood Blue | Etsy

Aloha!!!🌴🌴 Help me welcome a new Ultra Mini with an Ultra mini price!!! Just 99 bucks and he packs a huge punch of aloha!!! This is my very favorite Ultra Mini thus far. His colors are alive and vibrant and I made him to represent the white sands and blue waters of Maui. This great fish has tons of great FishFry features including recycled rope, a Kanaha Ale beer carton label, a paintbrush tail, wooden curtain ring eye with glitter paper, a sweet grey shimmery button and a veggie steamer…

Ultra Mini Maui Fish, Driftwood Wall Art, Turquoise, Blue, White, Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Art, pesce, pescado

Aloha! Are you ready for a new fish??!! I resurrected some old painting techniques and viola’!! Ultra Mini Maui Fish!! This great little guy is a super way to get an affordable piece of the FishFry magic! So I was inspired by the turquoise blues of the Maui waters on Sugar beach and the polka dots represent the endless bubbles made by the breaking waves. He’s got some fab orange accents which represent the amazing sunrises over Haleakela, the volcano💥. Now to the recycled FishFry features…