Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika RudyWąsacz

Most Beautiful Castles in France

.Castle Haut-Koeningsbourd, Alsace, France

Alcazar Castle in the winter, Segovia, Spain. - This castle is just 50 minutes away form Madrid... a wonderful view!

Smallest & Biggest Houses in the World

Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

100 Best Castle Photographs

Będzin Castle, Zamkowa, Bedzin, Poland.... .... Będzin Castle is a stone castle. It dates to the 14th century, and succeeded a wooden fortification erected in the 11th century. It was an important fortification in the Kingdom of Poland and later, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Kasteel De Haar

Kasteel de Haar, the largest Castle of Holland

Photographs of Belgian Castles and Manor Houses

Kasteel van Wijnendale, Wijnendale, Torhout, West Flanders, Belgium. -

Just a Thing of Beauty

Snowy night in Moscow • photo: Leleniya - Yup, March can be snowy in Moscow and it's not a rare thing. So if you are visiting the Russia's capitol in March, take some warm clothes with you

Travelling across the universe with astrophotographer Mike Taylor

northern lights …

Would You Survive In The Wilderness?

How would you handle yourself in the wild?

Pure White Winterscapes

Winter lake sunrise. // Don't understand why people think winter is gloomy. The sky is the MOST colorful in the winter. Usually at dawn and dusk, but still colorful.