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A slightly decayed, old wall with graffiti written on it in black which reads "Ludzi nie kocha się za to, że są idealni" which is polish for "People are not loved because they are perfect".  There are three pople in front of it. They are clothed in warm clothes, typical for the people of smaller polish cities and villages. Corsica, Graffiti, Childhood, Tak, Poland, Zitate, Polska, Poland People, Lol
Polishcore graffiti "People are not loved because they are perfect"
an empty playground with swings and slides in the background at sunset or sunrise, near a park
four people standing with bicycles in front of a house
a table topped with bottles and glasses next to a calculator on top of a table
polishcore drinking moment
a tall white building sitting next to a lush green field
a black cat walking down a long hallway
a small building covered in snow next to a parking lot with posters on the wall
an empty swing set next to a river
two people standing on the top of a building with their hands up in the air
a woman sitting at a table with her hand on the window sill looking out
a hallway with an open door leading to another room