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Pont Alexandre III - Paris

Pont Alexandre III - Paris My favorite bridge of Paris - hold a night of realization for me when I step onto it. I have held within me a secret dream for this bridge in Paris ever since *wink

Love bridge, Paris, France

Love bridge "le pont des Arts", Paris, France You lock your love for ever and lose the keys in the Seine, how romantic ! Paris is definately the city of Love.

.red bridge

Golden Gate Bridge in SF ~ A Liquid Filter was used to make curves ~ Special Effects For An Amazing Bridge ~ However, in real like it would cost much more to build because of the extra length for curves, and would certainly slow the traffic down.

I will be on that bridge one day

Gorges de l'Areuse, Switzerland The Val de Travers is a Jura mountain valley perpendicular to the main valleys (hence the name). The river Areuse has cut itself steeply through the soft limestone and clay sediments. It's one of those Roman bridges too.