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RST-IT mobile&web app development portfolio.
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BetterTaxi has asked us develop a native iOS application for them. The mobile app allows you to order a taxi anywhere in Germany, thanks to the access to almost the complete fleet of taxis and private hired vehicles.

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el Grocer has asked us to develop an Android and iPhone app which allows users to shop from grocery stores nearby in Dubai with no changes in price. The mobile app allows its users to use promo codes, complex search options, manage the regions of delivery and more.

Model Active has asked us to develop a very intuitive web platform created especially for models, photographers and artists. It allows users to create their online portfolios, which will be visible to people potentially interested in coworking with them. To create the app we used MeteorJS technology. Modelactive also allows its users to stay up to date with all the latest fashion world news.

TalQ is a natively developed Android and iOS app that connects interpreters and their clients. The app allows people around the world to book interpretation services in any language for a specific time. During the interpretation process the mobile app displays a live video preview of the speaker, the interpreter and the client, allowing them to pick up nonverbal cues and communicate more efficiently.

Wondermento has asked us to develop an Android mobile app integrated with their wearable WonderWoof BowTie. The application allows you to stay connected to your dog through tracking their health and social activities. We also managed to add functionalities such as reminders, daily summaries and reports. WonderWoof app synchronizes with dog’s race, weight and age.

ftrack Go is an iOS and Android creative collaboration app. It allows users to track production process and time, involve clients in ongoing projects and much more. The mobile app also possesses many reporting features, making it easy to analyze business data efficiently thanks to the intuitive interface.

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