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Nick and John
JT & Dom Houston, Doms, The Way, Taylor, Pilot, Mens Sunglasses, On Instagram
JT & Dom
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a couch with signs on it
a man and woman standing next to each other
JT e Gela
a man in a blue jacket and white pants on stage with his arms spread out
How Le Bon keeps Duran Duran fresh
Sure, the British pop band scored a majority of its biggest hits a few decades back, but last year saw the release of “Paper Gods,” an album that managed to conjure the electricity of the early years with a slew of top-notch collaborators like Mark Ronson, Janelle Monae, Kiesza, Nile Rodgers and Lindsay Lohan. The group is once again on tour — minus keyboardist Nick Rhodes, who is out for a family emergency while Amanda “MNDR” Warner fills in — with a stop scheduled at the Outside Lands fes...
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The Taylors
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the poster for duran duran's upcoming show
Cruel World poster
New Duran Duran poster made exclusively for their performance at cruel worldfest by Matt Lineham! Make sure to grab one at the show before they sell out. DDHQ hopes someone saves us one!
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a man in black jacket holding a guitar and smiling at the camera while standing on stage
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Two of my worlds collide...John Taylor and Robert Downy Jr!